Tour de Suisse 2020 - virtual: Route

Tour de Suisse Virtual The virtual Tour de Suisse - or, The Digital Swiss 5 - featured five stages with a total distance of 178.5 kilometers. The elevation gain in five days of racing added up to 4,728 meters.

Stage 5, Sunday 26-4: Blenio – Disentis, 36 km, elevation gain of 950 metres

The final stage begins in Blenio and it starts with a bang. The Lukmanier Pass is roughly 15 kilometres long. The gradient hovers around 6 to 7% for most of the ascent before it levels out to 4% in the last 4 kilometres. A long descent flies down to Disentis before a short ascent climbs to the finish line of The Digital Swiss 5.

Take a look at the results of stage 5.

Stage 1, Wednesday 22-4: Moudon-Leukerbad, 26.6 km, elevation gain of 1,192 metres

The race kicks into gear with a tough mountain stage. Following 4 kilometres on the flat the route climbs to Erschmatt, which is a steep test of 7 kilometres with gradients mostly hovering around 10%. A rolling section of almost 9 kilometres leads to Albinen before a 3 kilometres climb at 6% makes way to a downhill into Leukerbad. The last kilometre runs also uphill

Take a look at the results of stage 1.

Stage 2, Thursday 23-4: Frauenfeld-Frauenfeld, 46 km, elevation gain of 180 metres

The 2nd stage is virtually flat. The route takes in four 11.5 kilometres laps around Frauenfeld, each with an elevation gain of 45 metres.

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Stage 3, Friday 24-4: Fiesch – Nufenen Pass, 33.1 km, elevation gain of 1,512 metres

The start is in Fiesch and the finish on the Nufenen Pass, which is the highest road pass in Switzerland. The first 20 kilometers run through the valley and are as good as flat. Then the route turns right and the Nufenen Pass awaits the riders. The climb is 13.3 kilometres long and the average gradient sits at 8.5%. Three sections at over 10% stand out – after 3, after 6 and after 8 kilometres. That last one is the hardest as it is almost 1 kilometre long.

Take a look at the results of stage 3.

Stage 4, Saturday 22-4: Oberlangenegg – Langnau im Emmental, 36.8 km, elevation gain of 444 metres

The riders set off from Oberlangenegg and after 5 kilometres the route starts to climb in Oberei. The Schallenberg is 4.5 kilometres long, while the average slope is almost 6%. Since the first 1.5 kilometres are merely a false flat the climb is actually harder than that statistic suggests. The route moves through Shangau before the riders rush on a slightly sloping road towards the finish line in Langnau im Emmental.

Take a look at the results of stage 4.

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