Tour de France 2014: Stage 20 - Some hills in the time-trial

PerigueuxSaturday, July 26th, 2014 - The penultimate stage of the Tour de France is a 54-kilometre long time trial. There are no categorized climbs in this stage, but 22 of the 54 kilometres go slightly uphill. (Slideshow route/profile)

The TT start is at 41 metres and the first kilometres are completely flat, which is a nice start for the powerhouses. There s a small rise then before going back to flat. Riders then face 8 kilometres at 2.5% which takes them up to the 15 kilometre mark.

A short descent follows, then another incline until the time check at 19 kilometres.

The next ‘climb’ is a 7.7 kilometre section at 1%, a false flat if you will. After a short (and steeper) descent this is followed by yet another uphill section, 6.7 kilometres long with an average increase of 1.8%. The second time check is at the top, after 39 kilometres.

The last climb is just 1.2 kilometers but is a proper climb with a 6% gradient. From the top of this climb, the Côte de Coulounieix Chamier, it’s mainly descending to the finish.

It’s hardly a mountain time trial but there are definitely some bumps that might slow the heavier riders.

Tour de France 2014 stage 20: Images and more

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