Paris - Roubaix 2019: Gilbert outsprints Politt in Roubaix Velodrome

Philippe Gilbert wins Paris-Roubaix. The Walloon outsprints Nils Politt in a two-up sprint in the Roubaix Velodrome to pocket his fourth Monument. Yves Lampaert finishes in third. (Slideshow route/profile)

Results Paris-Roubaix 2019

1. Philippe Gilbert (bel)
2. Nils Politt (ger) s.t.
3. Yves Lampaert (bel) + 0.13
4. Sep Vanmarcke (bel) + 0.40
5. Peter Sagan (svk) + 0.42
6. Florian Sénéchal (fra) + 0.47
7. Mike Teunissen (nld) s.t.
8. Zdenek Stybar (cze) s.t.
9. Evaldas Siskevicius (lit) s.t.
10. Sebastian Langeveld (nld) s.t.

Race report
Shortly before the first cobbles Alexis Gougeard, Michael Schär, Damien Gaudin, Frederik Frison, Kenneth Vanbilsen, Jorge Arcas, Frederik Backaert, Kris Boeckmans and Michael Van Stayen open up a gap. Kamil Gradek, Edward Theuns, Matti Breschel, Nils Politt, Marco Haller, Tim Declercq, Stefan Küng, Davide Ballerini, Reinardt Janse van Rensburg, Cees Bol, Maciej Bodnar, Yves Lampaert and Adrien Petit track them down, but the lead group is history at sector 23. Kristoff is struggling at the back.

Wout Van Aert punctures on the Trouée d’Arenberg and he tracks the main group down after sector 18. He changes bikes and hits the deck a little later. Again he is forced to chase. The cyclo-crosser makes it back to the main group before sector 15.

Meanwhile, Wesley Kreder heads out alone. Nils Politt, Philippe Gilbert and Rüdiger Selig track him down to leave him behind. Van Aert accelerates with Christophe Laporte and Ivan García, while Peter Sagan, Sep Vanmarcke, Marc Sarreau and Yves Lampaert bridge across. Laporte, García and Sarreau can’t follow the pace.

Gilbert goes solo on sector 12. Van Aert, Sagan, Vanmarcke and Lampaert gobble up Politt and chase down Gilbert with 48.5 kilometres remaining. The six race to a lead of 1 minute before Sagan, Politt and Gilbert leave the others behind inside the last 23 kilometres. Lampaert and Vanmarcke regain contact on sector 5.

Politt strikes on the Carrefour de l’Arbre and Gilbert goes with him. The two open up a gap of 40 seconds, while Lampaert leaves the others behind with 6 kilometres remaining.

In the Roubaix Velodrome Gilbert powers to his fourth win in a Monument. Politt and Lampaert round out the podium.

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Paris – Roubaix 2019: route, cobbles, videos…

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Philippe Gilbert

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  • John says:

    First of all the final stage wasn’t quite fair play because Gilbert was taking a nap and resting behind Politt’s back who was doing all the work splitting that air at top speed after 257km (!) And he was even trying to loose him changing the lanes, riding at the outer edge but still Gilbert would rather be hauled almost till the end just to kick in and pass him on a finishline. Last km.. the opponents should race head to head , all i’m saying.

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