Paris-Nice 2020 Route stage 6: Sorgues - Apt

Paris-Nice 2020 stage 6 Friday 13 March - The 6th stage of the Race to the Sun has breakaway written all over it. At 160.5 kilometres, the route serves six intermediate climbs on the way from Sorgues to Apt, located in the deep south of France

It is Friday the thirteenth – who will get (un)lucky? Possibly a rider with a taste for adventure. As the race from Sorges to Apt in the Provence is likely to see an attacker ride to glory, the inevitable truth is that a number a attackers will be disappointed. After all, just one breakaway rider is going to taste the sweetness of success.

The sixth day of action should be a lively day in Paris-Nice. The first 25 kilometres are flat, but that’s it. On rugged terrain the riders tackle the Côte de Saumane-de-Vecluse (4.2 kilometres at 5.1%) and Col de Murs (10.4 kilometres at 4.3%). This last climb is a likely place for the breakaway to take shape. The Murs is crested after 50 kilometres in the saddle.

Another option is that the fight for the breakaway keeps raging. A long downhill leads onto the Côte Gordes (2.3 kilometres at 6.5%) before the riders navigate even more rugged terrain with the Col du Pointu (3.5 kilometres at 5.4%), Côte de Caseneuve (5.1 kilometres at 5.4%) and Côte de Saignon (4.2 kilometres at 5.7%) standing out.

Still 8.5 kilometres to go at the top of the Saignon. The route descends to a short kick-up in Apt, which also serves as the last intermediate sprint. The finale is a 3 kilometres downhill to the line.

The first thee riders on the line gain time bonuses of 10, 6 and 4 seconds, while two intermediate sprints (at kilometre 114.5 and at kilometre 157.5) come with 3, 2 and 1 seconds.

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