Giro 2024 Favourites stage 5: For fast finishers #2

Jonathan Milan - Giro 2024 Favourites stage 5: For fast finishers #2foto: Cor VosThe first 60 kilometers of the 5th stage of the Giro are marked by a series of climbs. The midsection of the race follows flat terrain until Montemagno, where a 3 kilometres climb at 4.3% precedes the final 19 kilometres, which are also flat. (Slideshow route/profile)

Which shouldn’t be a problem for the pros. Although, it’s worth noting that the climbs early in the race will certainly add to the fatigue. In total, riders are to conquer nearly 2,200 metres of elevation gain in the 5th stage of the Giro d’Italia.

In the initial phase of the race, riders ascend to Ruta (3.7 kilometres at 6.8%, summit at kilometre 17), the Sanctuario della Madonna delle Grazie (3.9 kilometres at 4%, summit at kilometre 33), and the Passo del Bracco (15.2 kilometers at 3.9%, summit at kilometre 62). Strongmen sprinters are not expected to struggle on slopes like that, but the kick of the likes of Jakobsen might be blunted.

After the descent from the Bracco, the route remains flat for dozens of kilometres, and then the climb to Montemagno will be the last obstacle of the day. It rises 3 kilometers at 4.3% to the summit with 19 kilometres remaining. The route is mostly gently descending in the last phase of the race.

The first two bunch sprints of the Giro were won by Merlier and Milan.

Favourites 5th stage 2024 Giro d’Italia

*** Olav Kooij, Jonathan Milan, Tim Merlier
** Danny van Poppel, Kaden Groves, Phil Bauhaus, Caleb Ewan
* Fernando Gaviria, Fabio Jakobsen, Alberto Dainese, Laurence Pithie

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Giro d’Italia 2024 stage 5: routes & profiles

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