Giro 2020 Route stage 7: Mileto - Camigliatello Silano

Giro d'Italia 2020Friday 9 October - At 223 kilometres, the 7th stage of the Giro is a hilly race from Mileto to Camigliatello Silano. The finale is a 25.6 kilometres climb before a 10 kilometres drop to the line.

Once the flag is dropped the riders tackle a short climb to Vibo Valentina airport before continuing on undulating terrain to Catanzaro. Starting at sea level, the ascent up to the town is 13 kilometres long, although most of it climbs at shallow gradients. The last 2.5 kilometres slope at 7%, while some sections go up at double digit gradients.

The route descends towards kilometre 100 to continue onto the next ascent. The Monte Trearie climbs on narrow roads – firstly with gradients hovering around 6% and the last 5 kilometres rise at 4%. Monte Trearie amounts to 17 kilometres.

A demanding, lumpy section leads to the foot of the Válico di Montescuro. The 25.6 kilometres climb at 5.4% features the most trying kilometre – at 10% – halfway. The summit is crested at an elevation of 1,618 metres before the riders fly down a 10 kilometres descent into Camigliatello Silano.

Giro d’Italia 2020 stage 7: route, profile, more

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