Giro 2019: Results

Richard Carapaz - Giro 2019: ResultsRichard Carapaz won the 102nd edition of the the Giro d’Italia, while Vincenzo Nibali and Primoz Roglic rounded out the podium. Giulio Ciccone was the best climber, Pascal Ackermann won the points jersey and Miguel Ángel López was the best young rider.

Take a look at the final GC, or click on the links in underneath scheme for stage results and race reports.

Giro d’ Italia 2019 results

date start/ finish type results winner leader
1 Sa 11-5 Bologna – San Luca ITT read more Roglic Roglic
2 Su 12-5 Bologna – Fucecchio flat read more Ackermann Roglic
3 Mo 13-5 Vinci – Orbetello flat read more Gaviria Roglic
4 Tu 14-5 Orbetello – Frascati hills read more Carapaz Roglic
5 We 15-5 Frascati – Terracini flat read more Ackermann Roglic
6 Th 16-5 Cassino – San Giovanni Rotondo hills read more Masnada Conti
7 Fr 17-5 Vasto – L’Aquila hills read more Bilbao Conti
8 Sa 18-5 Tortoreto Lido – Pesaro flat read more Ewan Conti
9 Su 19-5 Riccione – San Marino ITT read more Roglic Conti
Mo 20-5 rest day
10 Tu 21-5 Ravenna – Modena flat read more Démare Conti
11 We 22-5 Carpi – Novi Ligure flat read more Ewan Conti
12 Th 23-5 Cuneo – Pinerolo hills read more Benedetti Polanc
13 Fr 24-5 Pinerolo – Lago Serrù mountains read more Zakarin Polanc
14 Sa 25-5 Saint-Vincent – Courmayeur mountains read more Carapaz Carapaz
15 Su 26-5 Ivrea – Como hills read more Cataldo Carapaz
Mo 27-5 rest day
16 Tu 28-5 Lovere – Ponte di Legno mountains read more Ciccone Carapaz
17 We 29-5 Commezzadura – Anterselva mountains read more Peters Carapaz
18 Th 30-5 Valdora – Santa Maria di Sala flat read more Cima Carapaz
19 Fr 31-5 Treviso – San Martino di Castrozza mountains read more Chaves Carapaz
20 Sa 1-6 Feltre – Croce d’Aune/Monte Avena mountains read more Bilbao Carapaz
21 Su 2-6 Verona – Verona ITT read more Haga Carapaz

Watch the highlights of recent races here:

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