BinckBank Tour 2017 Route stage 6: Riemst (bel) - Houffalize (bel)

BinckBank Tour 2017 stage 6Saturday, 12 August 2017 - At 203.7 kilometres, the 6th stage of the BinckBank Tour travels from Riemst to Houffalize in the Ardennes. The closing circuit amounts to 31.5 kilometres, while taking in a number of sharp and punchy climbs.

The 6th stage BinckBank Tour – formerly known as Eneco Tour – starts in Tom Dumoulin’s domicile Riemst and following a local round the route heads south. After a passage through nature reserve High Fens the riders are racing partly on the same roads of 2015’s Eneco Tour, when Tim Wellens soloed to victory in Houffalize, thus laying the foundation of his victory in that edition. Still, the route is definitely not a replica.

Before the first passage on the line in Houffalize are to crest nine hills. Muizenberg (650 metres at 6.6%), Côte Hallembay (1.1 kilometres at 5%), Côte de Richelle (1.3 kilometres at 5.6%), Barrage de La Gileppe (2.6 kilometres at 5.5%), Côte de la Baraque Michel (7.4 kilometres at 4%), Côte La Ferme Libert (1.2 kilometres at 12.8%), Côte Aisomont (3.5 kilometres at 5.2%), Provedroux (3.3 kilometres at 4%) and Le Vieux Chemin (400 metres at 4.8%) are the most prominent hurdles in a toilsome route to the Ardennes.

At 31.5 kilometres, the closing circuit takes in six more climbs and the first three are by far the toughest. Rue Saint Roch is 1 kilometre at 11%, Vissoul 900 metres at 6% and Bois de Moines 1.2 kilometre at 8%. The tricky thing is that these three punchy ramps are crested within 6 kilometres. Atop Bois de Moines there are 24 kilometres left to race.

With 16 kilometres remaining the riders face two 3% sections on the Rue de la State – one 1,2 kilometres, the other 800 metres – before the narrow Le Vieux Chemin appears again with 12 kilometres to go.

The Golden Kilometre begins at kilometre 181.6, giving riders the opportunity take to three time bonuses of 3, 2 and 1 seconds each within 1 kilometre. The first three riders on the line win 10, 6 and 4 seconds.

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BinckBank Tour 2017 stage 6: Route maps, height profiles, and more

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