Amstel Gold Race 2016: The Route

Amstel Gold Race 2016 routeSunday, April 17, 2016 – At 248 kilometres, edition 51 of the Amstel Gold Race brings 34 hills. As in previous editions the finish line is 1.8 kilometres after the 800 metres climb up the Cauberg. All in all, the route is a vintage Amstel Gold Race with lots of twists and turns while racing on narrow country roads.

The 49th edition of the Amstel Gold Race kicks off at in Maastricht in the Limburg region of the Netherlands. With around 10 kilometres done the Slingerberg is the first obstacle – 900 metres at 4%. And on it goes. On average every 7.5 kilometres brings another top.

Basically, the route is four loops through the Limburg region in the south of the Netherlands, getting smaller with every round until the final lap is raced at breakneck speeds. Centrepiece in the race is the Cauberg, an 800 metres climb at 6.5% with a steepest sector at 12.8%. The hill is featured four times in the 2016 Amstel Gold Race 2016: after 54.1 kilometres, 156.5 kilometres, 236.9 kilometres and 255.4 kilometres. After the last passage there is only 1.8 kilometres left to race.

Obviously, the race is almost always decided in the last round, nine times out of ten at the Cauberg.

At 21.2 kilometres, the final lap also brings Geulhemmerberg and Bemelerberg. The first is a 1.2 kilometres climb at 4.6% that is crested with 16.5 kilometres to go. Bemelerberg is 900 metres at 4.5% and once atop it’s 4.4 kilometres to the foot of the Cauberg and 7 kilometres to the line.

The steepest ascents are in the third lap. With around 50 kilometres left a 10 kilometres frame offers Gulpenberg, Kruisberg and Eyserbosweg. All of these may be short climbs, but they all go in the double digits and that’s going to hurt after 200 kilometres in the saddle. Especially since Keuterberg, crested with 31 kilometres to go, brings a 22% section to the table.

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