Vuelta 2015 Favourites stage 10: Degenkolb and/or escapees…

John DegenkolbStage 10 would definitely have been for the sprinters if there was no such thing as Alto des Desierto de Las Palmas. The last 70 kilometres are completely flat, except for that 2nd category top with 17 kilometres left. Will it be up to the likes of Degenkolb, or to the escapees? (Slideshow route/profile)

After the top it’s a 7 kilometres drop, while the last 10 kilometres are flat, so fast descenders and time trialist will be eyeing up their chances. Tom Dumoulin? LL Sanchez?

*** John Degenkolb,
** Tom Dumoulin, Alessandro De Marchi, Luis León Sánchez
* Tom Van Asbroeck, Danny van Poppel

Vuelta 2015 stage 10: Route maps, height profiles, and more

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