Volta a Catalunya 2015 Route stage 3: Girona - Girona

Volta a Catalunya 2015 stage 3Wednesday, March 25, 2015 - Girona is a regular host in the Volta a Catalunya. In stage 3 the town on the river Onya is both departure-town and arrival-place after a 156.6 kilometres ride in which the riders are to crest 5 colls. Alt des Angles is the toughest and is to be crested twice.

The riders will be circling Girona. The first round is the widest and offers two 3rd category climbs. The Alt de Romanya is 2.6 kilometres at 3.4% wth a steepst section at 6%. Sixteen kilometres up the road Alt de la Ganga lay waiting – 3.7 kilometres at 4% with a max grade of 6%.

In the last part of the first round, the 1st category climb up Alt des Angles is looming for the first time. When cresting after a 6 kilometres uphill toil there are still 74 kilometres left to race. The ascent, which will be crested again with 13 kilometers left, goes up by an average of 5% and the steepest section offers a 8% grade.

The final round brings the Alto de Santa Pellaia, a climb starting in the village of Cassa de la Selva. Length – 5.9 kilometres, average gradient – 4%, steepest section – 6%. Once atop the riders have 37.6 kilometres left to race and, as said, after 24 kilometres they peak the Alt des Angles for the second time. Following a long drop the finale offers a vitriolic last hurdle.

Last year Luka Mezgec outsprinted the bunch in Girona. But it’s not always a flat route leading there. Today’s finale brings a copy of the 2012 stage Girona-Girona, that also featured Alt dels Angles with 13 kilometres left. Michael Albasini took the stage-win and went on to win the overall that year.

Here you’ll find both the results and the race report.

Volta a Catalunya 2015 stage 3: Route/profile and more

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