Tour de France 2018 Route stage 11: Albertville - La Rosière

Tour de France 2018 stage 11Wednesday, 18 July 2018 - At merely 108 kilometres, the 11th stage of the Tour de France runs to a summit finish in ski resort La Rosière. The riders start in Albertville to tackle Montée de Bisanne, Col du Pré and Cormet de Roselend as intermediate climb. The final ascent to La Rosière is 17.6 kilometres at 5.8%. Expect fireworks to ignite!

In 2014, the 6th stage of the Tour de l’Avenir finished in La Rosière. Miguel Ángel López laid the foundation for his win that edition by climbing to victory in the ski resort. The next year the Tour de l’Avenir one again visited La Rosière and Guillaume Martin took the honours. It was a dramatic day for Gregor Mühlberger though, as the Austrian was leading the race when he took a wrong turn in the last kilometre.

Basically, the 11th stage boils down to three huge climbs. The first one is the Montée de Bisanne, which is 12.4 kilometres and averaging 8.2%. The summit is crested at kilometre 26. The route to the foot of the climb is mostly false flat.

With 12.6 kilometres at 7.7%, the climb up the Col du Pré is similar to the Montée de Bisanne, yet this time there is an encore in the shape of the Cormet de Roselend. After cresting the Col du Pré a short descent runs to the foot of the climb, which is 5.7 kilometres and averaging 6.5%. Once atop, a drop of almost 20 kilometres leads to the departure place of the next stage, Bourg-Saint-Maurice.

Job done then? On the contrary. The long and gruelling climb to La Rosière is still waiting. The last ascent amounts to 17.6 kilometres, while the average gradient is 5.8%. The middle section is the most arduous part with an 8.2% gradient for 6 kilometres from kilometre 7 onwards. The slope flattens out to 4.6% in the last 4,3 kilometres.

Tour de France 2018 stage 11: Route maps, height profiles, and more

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