Tour de France 2015 Route stage 13: Muret - Rodez

Tour de France 2015 Stage 13Friday, July 17, 2015 – After 200 kilometres of racing from Muret to Rodez it’s up to the sprinters with an apetite for climbing. Or up to the adventure seekers. In stage 13 the Pyrenean Mountains are passé, but the route is not exactly flat...

The cathedral in Rodez is big and ‘muscular’, making it a perfect location to celebrate a triumph. Chances are that honor will befall riders like John Degenkolb and Peter Sagans. Men who can digest mountains and still have an appetite to sprint. The race starts at an elevation of 80 metres to finish at 640 metres, whilst in between the pack races through a rolling landscape. The stage features a descent into the Tarn valley and the hills of the Aveyron are on the menu also. So that’s something for everyone, although in the end the punchy sprinters are most likely to glorify.

Only the old hands in the pack may remember since it’s been awhile, but part of today’s route was also in the 2007 time trial leading to Albi.

Live race report stage 13, Tour de France 2015

Tour de France 2015 stage 13: Route maps, height profiles, and more

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