Tour de France 2014: Stage 6 - Up and down between Arras and Reims

Côte de Coucy-le-Château-Auffrique It's the day after the cobblestones and organisers are kind with stage 6 being a fairly straightforward affair. Two category 4 climbs await the riders but it shouldn't be a difficult day. (Slideshow route/profile)

The start in Arras is at 78 metres above sea level. The first 106 kilometres are slightly up and down but the riders never climb to over 150 metres. They then meet the first côte of the day.

Côte de Coucy-le-Château-Auffrique
The 900 metre climb does not exceed 113 metres, but it has a testing gradient of 6.2%.

The first and only intermediate sprint of the day is 12 kilometres after the summit, immediately followed by a non-categorized climb to Chemin des Dames, located at 184 metres altitude.

Côte de Roucy
30 kilometers after passing through Chemin des Dames is the Côte de Roucy, a 4th category climb, 1.5 kilometres long at 6.2%. From the summit at 194 metres, there are 36 relatively flat kilometres to the finish.

Tour de France 2014 stage 6: Images and more

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