Tour de France 2014: Stage 11 - 22 kilometres of (modest) climbing in finale

EchalonWednesday July 16th, 2014 - Stage 11 carries the riders 187.5 kilometres from Besançon to Oyonnax. On paper it's a flat ride, but sprinters still have some work to do. There are four categorized climbs in the final 50 kilometres which could force splits in the peloton. (Slideshow route/profile)

The 11th stage from Besancon to Oyonnax is on paper a flat stage of 187.5 kilometres. But we’re in the Rhône-Alpes region, and between the Rhone and the Alps it is never be completely flat. The ride has four categorized climbs and all are in the last 50 kilometres.

Côte de Rogna
After 141 kilometres the riders reach the top (766 metres) of the 7.6 kilometre long Côte de Rogna. The average gradient of the climb is 4.9%, giving it a 3rd category label.

The hill can also be found on Strava, the segment being 8.2 kilometres long and the fastest times are just under 22 minutes, an average of nearly 23 kilometres per hour. Although no pro-riders feature here, it is an indicator that it is not so easy.

Côte de Choux
Next up is the 3rd category Côte de Choux. The climb is 1.7 kilometres long at 6.5% with the summit at 834 metres. The ascent is short, the descent even shorter and then it’s on to the next climb.

Côte de Desertin
On paper, the easiest hill of the day. The ascent of the Côte de Desertin is 3.1 kilometres at 5.2%, less steep than the Côte de Choux but almost twice as long. The summit is located at 998 metres.

Côte d’Échallon
The first three cols were close together, the riders get a little break before the fourth. From the top of the penultimate climb to the foot of the Côte d’Échallon it’s 12.5 kilometres. The final ascent is 3 kilometres long at 6.6%. Upon cresting the 969 metres summit there are still 19 kilometres remaining to the finish line.

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