Paris - Nice 2016 Route stage 6: Nice – La Madone d’Utelle

Paris-Nice 2016 stage 6Saturday, March 12, 2016 – At 177 kilometres, stage 6 of Paris-Nice is the toughest in the road book of this year's edition, featuring no less than seven climbs. The finish is at La Madone d'Utelle after a 15.3 kilometres closing climb at 5.7%. All in all, the course leads uphill for 54.9 kilometres.

The race totals five 2nd category climbs and two 1st category climbs. However, stage 6 is not the Queen Stage as stage 5 leads to an elevation of 1,435 metres (Chalet Reynard), while today’s highest point La Madone d’Utelle lies at an altitude of 1,165 metres.

Straight from the start the climbing begins and it’s with 10 kilometres done Côte de Gattières is crested. The road rolls on for a while and then a descent takes the riders to the foot of Côte de Coursegoules – a 11.5 kilometres climb at 4.4%.

After an intermittent drop the two stage-ascent up Côte de la Sigale and Côte d’Ascros looms. The first one rises for 7.3 kilometres at 4.9%, while the second barely gives the riders pause for breath as it begins immediately after a short drop. The Ascros is 8.5 kilometres at 5.4%. All in all the two-stage ascent is a toil of 16 kilometres with hardly a moment for relief. Maybe relief will come in the mega-long descent leading the riders back into one of the valleys of the Provences.

With almost 40 kilometres left the riders are back at the elevation they left from. Via Côte du Levens (6.2 kilometres à 5.5%) and Côte du Duranus (1.6 kilometre à 8.4%) – tomorrow in reverse order on the program – they arrive at the foot of the closing climb. The finish is near the salmon pink Sanctuary La Madone d’Utelle after a 15.3 kilometres challenge at 5.7%.

Race results/race report stage 6, Paris-Nice 2016.

Paris – Nice 2016 stage 6: Route maps, height profile, and more

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