Summer Olympics: Recent Winners road race - men

Winner Olympic Road Race Fabio CasartelliThe first cyclist to hold an Olympic gold medal was home-rider Aristidis Konstantinidis back in 1896. In 3h22'31 he raced from Athens to Marathon and back again, totalling a distance of 87 kilometres. brings you the winners in recent decades.

Recent winners Olympic road race

2016: Greg Van Avermaet (bel)
2012: Alexander Vinokourov (kaz)
2008: Samuel Sánchez (spa)
2004: Paolo Bettini (ita)
2000: Jan Ullrich (ger)
1996: Pascal Richard (swi)
1992: Fabio Casartelli (ita – image)
1988: Olaf Ludwig (ddr)
1984: Alexi Grewal (usa)
1980: Sergej Soechoroetsjenkov (ussr)
1976: Bernt Johansson (swe)
1972: Hennie Kuiper (nld)

Records Olympic Road Race

No rider managed to be a multiple Olympic road race champion. The one who came closest was Alexander Vinokourov. The Kazakh took the gold medal in 2012 and was second in 2000.

Greg van AvermaetSamuel SánchezAleksandr Vinokoerov

Watch the highlights of recent races here:
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