Summer Olympics 2020 Tokyo

Summer Olympics 2020 The 2020 Summer Olympics takes place in Tokyo. The event is held from July 24 to August 9, while the men’s road takes place on the 25th and the women road’s race on the 26th. Both routes have been proposed. The men’s race will amount to 234 kilometres and take in 4,865 vertical metres before the women’s race amounts to 137 kilometres with 2,692 climbing metres. The men tackle the lower slopes of Mount Fuji and the steep Mikuni Pass, but these key climbs are removed from the women’s race. The individual time trials for both men and women takes place on July 29th. (Slideshow route/profile)

The road races at the Tokyo Olympic Games both start in the Musashinonomori Park of Chofu, a western suburb of Tokyo, to finish at the Fuji International Speedway racetrack.

Following the start in Chofu the men head in southwesterly direction and the route starts to slope slightly after some 40 kilometres. The gradients are still tolerable while the scenery starts to change from urban and flat to rural and mountainous. At kilometre 80 the route travels over Doushi Road, which is the first classified climb of the Olympic road race – 5.9 kilometres at 5.7%. The route continues along the stunning Yamanakako Lake to crest the next top some 20 kilometres later. The Kagosaka Pass is a short climb with its peak at 1,111 metres.

The route drops down to some 500 metres and then heads off for the ‘Mount Fuji Circuit’, which lies in the shadow of Japan’s highest mountain. Mount Fuji is a volcano at an elevation of 3,776 metres and the lower slopes are a mid-way marker for the men’s race. The circuit amounts to 50.9 kilometres with the Fuji Sanroku standing out. Peaking at 1,451 metres, the 14.3 kilometres climb at 6% is crested after 140 kilometres in the saddle.

Following a 15 kilometres descent and 40 kilometres of undulating terrain, the race passes through the Fuji Speedway racetrack before hitting its final loop. The route climbs up the monstrous Mikuni Pass – 6.5 kilometres and averaging 10.6%. En route to the 1,159 metres peak the riders stumble upon a 4 kilometres section which is sloping at 12%. A short descent leads to the foot of the Kagosaka Pass, the short and by now familiar climb that was included as the second ascent of the Olympic road race also.

A long descent runs to a fairly flat run-in to the line at Fuji International Speedway.

The women’s race also starts in Chofu’s Musashinonomori Park and finishes at the Fuji International Speedway, but the Mount Fuji Circuit and the Mikuni Pass loop are excluded. The route is fairly straightforward. The women climb up Doushi Road (5.9 kilometres at 5.7%) and the Kagosaka Pass before descending to the Fuji International Speedway and completing one lap before the finish.

Cycling Summer Olympics 2020 Tokyo

Date Time Route Riders Favourites Results
Sa 25-7 Road race men
Su 26-7 Road race women
We 29-7 ITT men
We 29-7 ITT women

Summer Olympics 2020 Tokyo Cycling: elevations, and more

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