Giro 2024: Pogacar cements lead in Queen Stage

Tadej pogacar giro - Giro 2024: Pogacar cements lead in Queen Stagefoto: Cor VosTadej Pogacar attacks from the GC group with 15 kilometres to go and he gobbles up lone attacker Nairo Quintana inside the last 2 kilometres. The super star from Slovenia solos to an impressive victory - his fourth in the Giro - to extend his lead on GC to over 6 minutes. (Slideshow route/profile)

Results 15th stage 2024 Giro

1. Tadej Pogacar (slo)
2. Nairo Quintana (col) + 0.29
3. Georg Steinhauser (ger) + 2.32
4. Romain Bardet (fra) + 2.47
5. Daniel Felipe Martínez (col) + 2.50
6. Geraint Thomas (gbr) s.t.
7. Einer Rubio (col) + 2.58
8. Ben O’Connor (aus) s.t.
9. Thymen Arensman (nld) + 3.05
10. Jan Hirt (cze) + 3.20

11. Filippo Zana (ita) + 3.35
14. Antonio Tiberi (ita) + 3.59
20. Lorenzo Fortunato (ita) + 5.24
37. Alex Baudin (fra) + 14.49

GC after stage 15
1. Tadej Pogacar (slo)
2. Geraint Thomas (gbr) + 6.41
3. Daniel Felipe Martínez (col) + 6.56
4. Ben O’Connor (aus) + 7.43
5. Antonio Tiberi (ita) + 9.26
6. Thymen Arensman (nld) + 9.45
7. Romain Bardet (fra) + 10.49
8. Filippo Zana (ita) + 11.11
9. Einer Rubio (col) + 12.13
10. Jan Hirt (cze) + 13.11

Race report
Twelve riders attack from the gun. Tobias Bayer, Davide Ballerini, Simone Velasco, Harrison Wood, Laurence Pithie, Lewis Askey, Olivier Le Gac, Lilian Calmejane, Bert Van Lerberghe, Caleb Ewan, Davide Bais, and Alessandro Tonelli open up a lead of almost 4 minutes.

A huge group opens the chase on the first ascent of the day. On board are, among others, Nairo Quintana, Aurélien Paret-Peintre, Jhonatan Narváez, Michael Storer, Juan Pedro López, Tobias Foss, Julian Alaphilippe, Georg Steinhauser, Attila Valter, Pelayo Sánchez, Mauri Vansevenant, Tobias Bayer, Davide Ballerini, Alessandro Tonelli, Jan Tratnik, Giulio Pellizzari, Luke Plapp, Simon Geschke, Luca Covili, Christian Scaroni, Nicola Conci, Amanuel Ghebreigzabhier, Michel Ries, and Davide Piganzolo. The chasers reach the summit with a 2 minutes deficit.

The gap between the first and second group falls below 1 minute on the Colle di San Zeno. Pellizzari, Scaroni and Piganzolo are the first riders to bridge across on the ascent, while the others make the junction 500 metres under the summit. Scaroni wins the sprint for KOM points ahead of Geschke.

Bayer, Ballerini, Scaroni, Wood, Pellizzari, and Tonelli attacks from the lead group on the descent. The six open up a 2 minutes gap in the valley, but it falls below 1 minute in the approach to the Mortirolo.

The lead group is down to Scaroni and Pellizzari on the Mortirolo, while Conci tracks them down in the last kilometre before the top. Scaroni takes most KOM points before the peloton reaches the summit 4.25 minutes later.

Eightteen riders come together after the Mortirolo descent: Narvaéz, Geschke, Conci, Ries, Velasco, Scaroni, Steinhauser, Ghebreigzabhier, López, Quintana, Sánchez, Alaphilippe, Vansevenant, Piganzoli, Valter, Storer, Covili, and Pellizzari.

Piganzoli speeds up on the climb to Le Motte, with Steinhauser being the first rider to bridge across. Conci, Valter, and Covili are next, before Narváez, Geschke, Quintana, Alaphilippe, and Storer also rejoin the front.

Steinhauser accelerates early on the Passo di Foscagno. The 23-year-old German puts 1 minute into the chasers. Then Quintana opens the chase.

The peloton is 3 minutes in arrears when Tadej Pogacar attacks with 15 kilometres to go. On the higher slopes, Quintana overhauls Steinhauser. Pogacar gobbles up the German also.

Pogacar crests the Passo di Foscagno 38 seconds behind Quintana and he gobbles up the Colombian with 2 kilometres to go. He wins his fourth stage in this Giro to extend his lead on GC to almost 7 minutes. Geraint Thomas and Daniel Felipe Martínez are the best of the rest, while Ben O’Connor is also fighting for the podium.

Another interesting read: route 15th stage 2024 Giro.

Giro d’Italia 2024 stage 15: video, route, profiles

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Tadej Pogacar

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