Giro 2024 Favourites stage 19: High mountain breakaway

Juan Pedro Lopez - Giro 2024 Favourites stage 19: Breakaway in the high mountainsfoto: Cor VosThe 19th stage of the Giro will be won by a strong climber, be it from the breakaway or from the GC group. We would put our money on a successful attacker, since the route is not overly tough. (Slideshow route/profile)

Stage 20 is much harder, so we would expect the GC riders to keep their powder dry, giving the breakaway free rein to ride for the win.

The route involves an elevation gain of 2,850 metres. It’s not for the faint-hearted, but it’s also not the hardest stage of the Giro. The first 90 kilometres or so are flat, providing riders from a broad church the opportunity to join the breakaway, likely resulting in a large group. Most riders from this group may lack the characteristics to contend for the win. However, strong climbers who manage to infiltrate the breakaway will excel as others start to struggle.

The last 60 kilometres of the stage are downright mountainous. Riders tackle the Passo Duron (4.4 kilometres at 9.7%) and the Sella Valcalda (6.5 kilometres at 5.9%) before the Cima Sappada marks the decisive phase of the race. It’s an 8.5 kilometre climb at 4.7%, but the second part is much tougher than that statistics suggests, as this section ascends at almost 9%.

The summit of the Cima Sappada lies 6.2 kilometres before the finish line. It starts with a gentle downhill, but the second kilometre from the line ascends at 5.4% before flattening out after the flamme rouge.

How the race unfolds depends on the GC and other factors, so we’ll update this article during the Giro.

Favourites 19th stage 2024 Giro d’Italia

*** Juan Pedro López, Rafal Majka, Mauri Vansevenant
** Attila Valter, Julian Alaphilippe, Michael Storer, Tobias Foss
* Gijs Leemreize, Giulio Pellizzari, Davide Bais, Felix Großschartner

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Giro d’Italia 2024 stage 19: profiles

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