Giro 2022 Route stage 15: Rivarolo Canavese - Cogne

Giro d'Italia 2022Sunday 22 May - The 15th stage of the Giro is played out in the Valle d'Aosta. The 177 kilometres route sets off from Rivarolo Canavese to finish in Cogne after a climb of 22.4 kilometres long.

Once the flag has been dropped the riders race towards Ivrea, where they turn north to follow the Dora Baltea river upstream for tens of kilometres. Just after Pollein the route leaves the valley and enters the 12.3 kilometres to Les Fleurs. Back in the valley the riders cross the Dora Baltea to ascend to Verrogne.

The Verrogne climb is 13.8 kilometres long and averages 7.1%. Effectually, the only reason to include the hill is to add both kilometres and vertical metres, as the route returns to exactly the same spot where it began – in Aymavilles.

After crossing the Dora Baltea again the route continues in the valley of the Torrente Grand’Eyvia. The mountain stream originates somewhere on the Gran Paradiso, but obviously the riders don’t get that far. They call it a day in Cogne. The finish climb totals 22.4 kilometres, but the gradients are not as intimidating as the length. The first 5 kilometres go up at 6.8%, the rest of the climb does not even exceed 4%.

Ride the route yourself? Download GPX stage 15 Giro.

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Giro d’Italia 2022 stage 15: route, profile, more

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