Giro 2020 Route stage 4: Monreale - Agrigento

Giro d'Italia 2020Tuesday 6 October - After Hungary's Grande Partenza the Giro d'Italia continues on home soil with a hilly race on southern island Sicily. At 136 kilometres, the 4th stage travels on rolling roads from Monreale to a punchy finish climb in Agrigento.

Monreale is located close to Sicily’s capital Palermo. At the slopes of Monte Capulo, the village offers enchanting views over a valley full of oranges and almond trees.

The riders face a rolling route with the highest elevation halfway when the Giro moves through the village Lercara Friddi at 672 metres. A long false flat downhill leads to another ascent at shallow gradients and yet another gradual descent before the finale serves the first demanding climb of the day.

Agrigento is a city with a long history on the southern coast of Sicily. It was one of the leading cities in Ancient Greece, although it was named different then – Akragas. The city is build on a hill, which shows in the finale of the 4th stage. The last 3.8 kilometres rise at roughly 5% to the line.

Giro d’Italia 2020 stage 4: route, profile, more

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