Giro 2018 Favourites stage 10: Perfect course for attackers

At 244 kilometres this is the longest stage in the 2018 Giro d'Italia. Due to the sheer distance combined with the hilly course this is an opportunity for attackers. Mohoric... Wellens... Lutsenko...? (Slideshow route/profile)

Expect a fast opening with attacks everywhere. Shortly after the start the route tackles the toughest climb of the day, Fonte Della Creta. Possibly, the 16 kilometres climb at around 5% is the tonic to inspire attackers as chances are the breakaway will survive until the line. So it’s interesting to occupy one of the vacant seats in the front group. Sprint teams will not want to control the race, while all other teams have nothing to gain. The best option to send a rider to the front line.

Plausibly, the break takes shape on the first climb and so we should expect strong climbers with adventurous minds. Robert Gesink, Tim Wellens, Davide Formolo, Giovanni Visconti and Matej Mohoric are among the usual suspects.

Possibly, the finale begins on a punchy climb in Annifo. The summit is crested 30 kilometres before the finish. Following the descent and a short upward kick the last 20 kilometres are played out on the flat, while the final kilometre is a false flat down.

Favourites 10th stage 2018 Giro d’Italia

*** Tim Wellens, Luis León Sánchez, Rohan Dennis, Koen Bouwman
** Robert Gesink, Davide Formolo, Matej Mohoric, Jarlinson Pantano
* Tony Martin, Giovanni Visconti, Alessandro De Marchi, Alexei Lutsenko

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Giro d’Italia 2018 stage 10: Route maps, height profiles, and more

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