Gent - Wevelgem 2024: Pedersen outguns Van der Poel in sprint-à-deux

Mads Pedersen gw - Gent - Wevelgem 2024: Pedersen outguns Van der Poel in sprint-à-deuxfoto: Cor VosMathieu van der Poel and Mads Pedersen drop their fellow-attacker Laurence Pithie in the last climb up Kemmelberg. The Dane powers to victory on the Vanackerestraat in Wevelgem. Jordi Meeus wins the bunch sprint to finish in third. (Slideshow route/profile)

Results 2024 Gent-Wevelgem

1. Mads Pedersen (den)
2. Mathieu van der Poel (nld) s.t.
3. Jordi Meeus (bel) + 0.16
4. Jasper Philipsen (bel) s.t.
5. Jonathan Milan (ita) s.t.
6. Olav Kooij (nld) s.t.
7. Biniam Girmay (eri) s.t.
8. Tim Merlier (bel) s.t.
9. Dylan Groenewegen (nld) s.t.
10. Matteo Trentin (ita) s.t.

Race report
High pace from the gun. Several attempts are neutralised before Michael Mørkøv, Johan Jacobs, Keiland O’Brien, Hugo Houle, William Blume Levy and Cyrus Monk join forces after 20 kilometres. Dries De Bondt and Mathis Le Berre bridge across and the eight open up a lead of over 5 minutes.

The gap falls to 2 minutes in De Moeren before strong winds tear up the main field. The first echelon features 28 riders. On board are, among others, Mathieu van der Poel, Mads Pedersen, Jasper Stuyven, Olav Kooij, Jasper Philipsen, Tim Merlier, Jonathan Milan, Sbestián Molano, Jordi Meeus, Danny van Poppel, John Degenkolb, Nils Eekhoff, Stefan Küng and Mike Teunissen. They track down the lead group.

A lot of movement in the hilly zone. Mathieu van der Poel accelerates on the Kemmelberg with Mads Pedersen and Jonathan Milan in his wheel. The latter escapes on the flat roads towards the plugstreets, while Jasper Stuyven, Rasmus Tiller, Laurance Pithie and Mick van Dijke rejoin the chasers.

Van der Poel speeds up on the plugstreets and Tiller and Van Dijke are dropped. Stuyven loses contact after a puncture.

Van der Poel tracks down Milan in the run-up to the new series of hills. Pedersen strikes when the gap is closed. Van der Poel also closes this one down. The main group is chasing at 1 minute in that moment.

Milan is dropped from the lead group on the second ascent of the Kemmelberg, while Hugo Page and Ben Turner try to bridge across on the Baneberg. They reach the summit 30 seconds behind the three leaders. The peloton is 15 more seconds in arrears.

The lead group is down to Pedersen and Van der Poel after the last climb, Kemmelberg on the steepest side. Pithie reaches the summit 10 seconds later, Page and Turner 40 seconds later. The peloton is 1.20 minutes in arrears.

The gaps widen on the flat, while Anthony Turgis rejoins Page and Turner and the three catch Pithie just before the passage in Ypres.

The peloton reels in the chasers inside the last 14 kilometres. They come close but without even the slighest chance to reel in the two super stars.

Pedersen opens the sprint early and stays ahead of Van der Poel to win Gent-Wevelgem for the second time in his career.

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Gent – Wevelgem 2024: video, route, profiles

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Mads Pedersen

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