Dubai Tour 2015

Dubai Tour 2015The 2nd edition of the Dubai Tour started February 4th and finished February 7th. Mark Cavendish won two stages and held on for dear life in the hilly stage with the 17% ramp-finish at Hatta Dam. The 26 bonus-seconds he gathered in the flat stages brought him the overall victory. (Slideshow route/profile)

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Dubai Tour 2015 stages:

Date Start and finish Length Type Results Winner Leader
1 We 4-2 Dubai Tour 2015 stage 1 Marine Club – Union House Flag 145 km flat Dubai Tour 2015 results stage 1 Read more Cavendish Cavendish
2 Th 5-2 Dubai Tour 2015 stage 2 Marine Club – Palm Jumeirah 187 km flat Dubai Tour 2015 results stage 2 Read more Viviani Cavendish
3 Fr 6-2 Dubai Tour 2015 stage 3 Marine Club – Hatta Dam 205 km hilly Dubai Tour 2015 results stage 3 Read more Degenkolb Degenkolb
4 Sa 7-2 Dubai Tour 2015 stage 4 Marine Club – Burj Khalifa 128 km flat Dubai Tour 2015 results stage 4 Read more Cavendish Cavendish

Dubai Tour 2015: Images and more

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