Dubai Tour 2015 Route stage 1: Marine Club - Union House

Dubai Tour 2015 stage 1Wednesday, February 4, 2015 - Dubai Tour is a four-day stage race totalling 663 kilometres in edition 2015. The first 145 kilometres takes the riders from Dubai International Marine Club to Union House Flag.

All stages in Dubai start at Dubai International Marine Club. It is near Palm Jumeirah, Dubai’s first artificial archipelago in the shape of a palm. A spot for the rich and famous.

In stage 1 it’s off to the outskirts of the city. Shortly after passing Palm Jebel Ali, Dubai’s third artificial Palm Island, riders make a U-turn to head back on the long and angular streets of Dubai. The leg closes with a 8.2 kilometres circuit, which is to be taken four times.

The finish line is at Union House Flag, where the UAE was founded back in 1971. The place is marked by a flag on a 120 metres pole and whoever it is to cross the line first will receive 10 bonus-seconds, while number two and three get 6 and 4 seconds. Stage 1 offers one intermediate sprint to win 3, 2 and 1 second.

Last year the Dubai Tour opened with a time trial won by Taylor Phinney. Odds are today will see a sprinters party.

The finish is expected around 15:30 local time.

Dubai Tour 2015 stage 1: Images and more

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