Clásica de San Sebastián 2015: The Route

Clásica San Sebastián 2015: The RouteSaturday, August 1, 2015 - Clásica San Sebastián is inextricably linked to both Alto de Jaizkibel and Alto Arkale. Yet, these are not the all-decisive climbs as that role is for the steep Bordako Tontorra, crested with 7 kilometres left to race. Cyclingstage. com brings you details on the parcours.

Leaving Donostia – as the Basques call their city – the peloton leaves in westerly direction for a 219 kilometres journey. Initially the riders stay close to the Bay of Biscay, but when reaching the Urola River, they head south to follow the river upstream.

In Azpeitia, the road turns west again and then Alto Iturburu welcomes the riders, a 7 kilometres climb at 5%, crested with 59.5 kilometres done. Passing through the valley of the Oria River it goes back towards San Sebastian. At first, the stage heads for the ridge to the northeast of the city. Alto de Jaizkibel is a 8 kilometres climb at 5.6% on average. The first 3 kilometres are well above that average and after an almost flat 4th kilometre the gradient goes up to 8%, while the climb flattens out towards the top.

After the Jaizkibel comes Alto Arkale – a 2.7 kilometres climb at 6.3%. Almost without delay the Jaizkibel is on the menu again. As of 2010, the climb is twice in the route to toughen up the race.

With 30.8 kilometres left the Alto Arkale is crested for the second time. After the drop to San Sebastian and a blistering passage on the boulevard riders head for the Bordako Tontorra, a 2.5 kilometres ascent at 9% and with three steepest sections of 20%. The hill is crested with only 7.1 kilometres left of racing. In the fast yet technical descent Alejandro Valverde attacked last year and he soloed to victory.

Race results/stage report, Clásica de San Sebastián 2015.

Clásica de San Sebastián 2015: Route, profiles and more

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