Clásica de San Sebastián 2016: The Route

Clásica San SebastiánSaturday, July 30, 2016 - At 220.2 kilometres, the Clásica San Sebastián is played out in the race's natural habitat; the steep hills of the Basque Country in Spain. The route is almost the same as last year, meaning Alto de Jaizkibel and Alto Arkale are definitely there, yet the finale is changed slightly. Not the steep Bordako Tontorra, but the even steeper Murgil Tontorra. This 1.8 kilometres toil at 10.8% is crested with 7.9 kilometres left to race.

Last year it was on the Bordako Tontorra the race exploded. Greg van Avermaet crashed in winning position after being hit by a motorist and Adam Yates took over to solo to victory. Philippe Gilbert sprinted to second place, while Alejandro Valverde finished in third.

Following a calm opening, the first climb looms after 53 kilometres in the saddle. Alto Iturburu is a 7 kilometres climb at 5%, that’s crested with 59.5 kilometres done. Then the riders head back to San Sebastian via the valley of the Oria River

With 125 kilometres done Alto de Jaizkibel is crested for the first time. The 8 kilometres climb at 5.6% belongs to the Clásica San Sebastián like a dog belongs to its boss. The first 3 kilometres are steepest before the climb flattens out towards the top.

After 145 kilometres the riders hit the lower slopes of Alto Arkale – a 2.7 kilometres climb at 6.3%. They power on to climb the Jaizkibel for the second time. As of 2010, the ascent is climbed twice in the Clásica to toughen up the race. The second passage at the top is with 165.3 kilometres done.

Alto Arkale is back for a second run after 185.5 kilometres. Following the drop to San Sebastian riders head for the Murgil Tontorra, a 1.8 kilometres toil at 10.8% that’s crested with only 7.9 kilometres remaining.

In previous editions the decision was made at the flanks of Bordako Tontorra. In 2014 in the drop (Alejandro Valverde win), in 2015 on the climb (Adam Yates win).

Resukts/race report Clásica de San Sebastián 2016.

Clásica de San Sebastián 2016: Route maps, height profiles, etc.

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