Amstel Gold Race 2024: Pidcock wins four-up sprint

Tom Pidcock - Amstel Gold Race 2024: Pidcock wins four-up sprintfoto: Cor VosTiesj Benoot, Marc Hirschi, Mauri Vansevenant and Tom Pidcock are the survivors in the last lap of the Amstel Gold Race. Pidcock powers to victory in the sprint, besting Hirschi and Benoot on the line. (Slideshow route/profile)

Results 2024 Amstel Gold Race

1. Tom Pidcock (gbr)
2. Marc Hirschi (swi) s.t.
3. Tiesj Benoot (bel) s.t.
4. Mauri Vansevenant (bel) s.t.
5. Paul Lapeira (fra) s.t.
6. Valentin Madouas (fra) s.t.
7. Bauke Mollema (nld)z.t.
8. Quentin Pacher (fra) s.t.
9. Pello Bilbao (spa) s.t.
10. Michael Matthews (aus) + 0.11

Race report
Tosh Van der Sande, Enzo Leijnse, Alexander Hajek and Zeb Kyffin jump off the front after 30 kilometres of fast-paced action. The four open up a 5 minutes lead, but they are reeled in with 74 kilometres left to race.

In the run-up to the Loorberg Louis Vervaeke attacks. Mikkel Honoré and Paul Lapeira go with him. The trio opens up a 25 seconds gap.

Vervaeke is dropped from the lead group on the Eyserbosweg climb. Marc Hirschi strikes just after the summit, while Valentin Madouas, Bauke Mollema and Roger Adrià rejoin him. Quinten Pacher and Mauri Vansevenant bridge across a little later, while Ook Tiesj Benoot, Tom Pidcock and Kévin Vauquelin regain contact before the Keutenberg.

Benoot, Hirschi, Vansevenant and Pidcock distance the others and gobble up the two leaders on the climb. Bilbao tracks the others down and regains contact on the plateau after the summit with Mollema, Vauquelin, Honoré, Adrià, Lapeira, Pacher and Lapeira.

The lead group opens up a 53 seconds gap and enter the final bell lap with a 30 seconds lead.

Bilbao drops behind due to a mechanical on the Geulhemmerberg, while Pidcock, Hirschi, Benoot and Vansevenant are the remaining attackers after the summit.

Pidcock distances the other on the false after the Bemelerberg. The others regain contact and then it comes down to a sprint. Pidcock outpowers Hirschi and Benoot, and Vansevenant comes home in fourth place.

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Amstel Gold Race 2024: video, route, profile

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Tom Pidcock

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