World Cycling Championships 2013: Route individual time trial - men

World Champion time trial routeAt Wednesday September 25th World Champion Tony Martin will defend his title. His main competitor will be Bradley Wiggins. The Olympic Champion has little to show this season and is keen on the rainbow-jersey. The route: 57.9 mainly flat kilometers between Montecatini Terme and Firenze. (Slideshow route/profile)

At Wednesday September 25th the first rider leaves at 01.15 PM. For riders who participated in the team-trial it’s a trip down memory lane. The route is almost identical to the one of September 22nd. Today’s track is 700 meter longer.

Riders start at Montecatini Terme, one of the leading spas in Europe. The water of the springs in the city would have a beneficial effect on the liver and the digestive-system. Especially for Bradley Wiggins this should be interesting info. He wants to be World Champion time-trial and since he seems to love an alcohol-drenched party, a longer stay might be appropriate.

The route

The ride is not entirely flat. Some kilometers after the start riders face the only obstacle of any importance, a hill with an altitude of 100 meter. At this point we’ll find the first time-control. The bump will hurt no one at this stage. Only 7.2 kilometer has passed.

After 15.7 kilometer riders rush through Pistoia, a little town on the highway to Firenze, at which point riders take a turn of 90 degrees. After this, it’s one straight line to Firenze. This is fairyland for speeders. Tony Martin, eat your heart out!

Measuring-point two is set up in Quarrata-Olmi, after 24.1 kilometers, and the third and last is found in Via Firenze-Pistoviese, after 42.3 kilometers. A few kilometers after this, riders head for the city. In Firenze, again there will be some curves and it is especially important to stay upright. And, of course, to keep the momentum going …
The arrival is at sports-palace Nelson Mandela Forum. For the occasion, streets in the area are freshly paved.

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