Vuelta 2018 Route stage 12: Mondoñedo - Faro de Estaca de Bares

Vuelta 2018 stage 12Thursday, 6 September 2018 - At 177.5 kilometres, stage 12 in the Vuelta runs Mondoñedo to Faro de Estaca de Bares, a lighthouse on the north edge of Spain, overlooking the Atlantic.

Departure place Mondoñedo is situated in the northern outliers of the Cantabrian Mountains. In a valley to be precise, and shortly after the start the riders tackle the 3rd category ascent of the Alto de Trabada. It’s a good spot to launch an attack. The summit peaks at merely 405 meter hoog, yet this is the highest point of today’s route.

Following the descent the route continues on the flat until kilometre 91. But since the race runs along the Spanish coast this does not necessarily mean that it will be boring. For starters, the coast is as rugged as enchanting, and, besides, strong winds could tear the peloton to shreds.

Halfway through the stage a string of short climbs appears with Puerto de Bares standing out. Again 3rd category, so nothing to worry about. The descent leads to a loop through the Galician interior before the riders head back to the coast. The finish is at Faro de Estaca de Bares, the northernmost part of Spain.

Vuelta a España 2018 stage 12: Route map, height profile, and more

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