Vuelta 2016 Route stage 13: Bilbao – Urdax (Navarra)

Vuelta 2016 stage 13Friday, September 2, 2016 – At 212.8 kilometres, stage 13 in the Vuelta a España leads from Bilbao to Urdax-Dantxarinea. While it is the longest stage of the 2016 Vuelta, the riders face a series of nine Basque hills, four of which are categorised.

The first hill looms 60 kilometres into the race. It’s the Alto de Itziar, a 5.7 kilometres climb at 3.8%. That’s not enough for a categorisation, but is certainly is a proper way to to get used to what the race has in store.

Just before a passage through San Sebastian Alto de Monte de Igueldo is crested. The the riders push on towards the Alto de Arichulegui, a 5 kilometres climb at 7.2% with a steepest sector at 12.5%. As soon as the riders are down in the valley they face the Puerto de Agina is, a 4.7 kilometres toil at 6.4%.

The next peak is the Puerto de Lizarrieta, located on the border with France. The climb is 6 kilometres at 5% and after cresting the riders are in France. Just for a short while, that is.

The Puerto de Lizarrieta is the last categorised climb, albeit the roads are far from flat in the rest of the race. The last 30 kilometres are on rolling roads before a final descent takes the riders to the line in Urbax-Dantxarinea.

At the finish wait 10, 6 and 4 seconds for the first three riders, and 3, 2 and 1 seconds can be gained at the intermediate sprint after 110 kilometres.

Live race report 13th stage, 2016 Vuelta a España. The finish is expected around 17:40, local time.

Vuelta a España 2016 Stage 13: Route maps, height profiles, and more

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