Tour of Lombardy 2018: The Route

Tour of Lombardy 2018Saturday, 13 October 2018 - At 241 kilometres, this year's Tour of Lombardy runs from Bergamo to Como. The race runs on virtually the same route as last edition with the only modification being in the finale. The route features iconic climbs up Madonna del Ghisallo and Muro di Sormano, while this year's last hill is the punchy 1,7 kilometres climb to Monte Olimpino. The race ends with a 3 kilometres drop down to the finish line in Como.

Following the start in Bergamo, the Tour of Lombardy includes the Colle Gallo as this edition’s warm-up climb. Looming at kilometre 47.3, it’s a 7.4 kilometres climb at 6%. The peak lies to the northeast of Bergamo.

After moving through the departure town again, riders head west on flat to slightly undulating roads. They crest Colle Brianza to continue on the ridge to Villa Vergano and descending to Lecco. Not entering the city, the route runs back to Lago di Annone and Lago di Pusiano before heading for the emblematic peninsula that lies at the heart of the Tour of Lombardy.

Following a passage through Asso the riders drop down to Onno. A flat section on the shores of Lago di Como leads to Bellagio and shortly the riders tackle the renowned Madonna del Ghisallo. The iconic climb is 8.6 kilometres and averaging 6.2%, yet this merely is an indication of what the riders face. As the middle part is flat if not descending, the other slopes rise at 9% or more. The climb welcomes the riders with the steepest section of 14% right at the bottom.

Next up is the Colma di Sormano, which is a doable prelude to the inhumanly steep Muro di Sormano. The Colma di Sormano is a steady 5.2 kilometres climb at 6.6%. Just moments after passing through the village of Sormano the route turns left and all of a sudden the world looks different. The Muro is a narrow 1.92 kilometres climb with an average gradient of 17% and steepest ramps at 27%. After its first appearance in the Tour of Lombardy in the sixties, the climb was ignored for decades before it made a glorious come-back in 2012. Since then the Muro did feature in Il Lombardia in 2013, 2015 and 2017.

Following a beautiful drop to Nesso, the riders turn left and race along the shores of Lago di Como. At the first passage in Como there are 14 kilometres left to race. The final lap takes in two climbs, starting with the Civiglio, which is a 4.2 kilometres climb at 9.8% with steepest ramps of up to 14%. Last year, the route continued onto the San Fermo della Battaglia – 2.7 kilometres at 7.2% -, but as the road is closed for construction works the riders now tackle the Monte Olimpino climb as the last uphill section. Not as steep as last edition’s last climb, but still accounting for a 1.7 kilometres climb at 5% average gradient and a maximum of 9%. The race concludes with a 3 kilometres drop to the line.

Except for the finale, the route is a copy of the Tour of Lombardy of 2015 and 2017. On both occasions Vincenzo Nibali attacked in the descent of the Civiglio before he soloed to victory. In this regard the 2018 route suits him even better as the distance to the finish line is shorter and easier with the exclusion of the San Fermo della Battaglia.

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Tour of Lombardy 2018: Route maps, height profiles, and more

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