Tour of Lombardy 2013: Route and Favourites

October 6th 2013, the Tour of Lombardy - Who’s going to be Joaquim Rodriguez’ successor? In 2012 he was the best in ‘la classica delle foglie morte’, as it’s nicknamed in Italy – in English: the classic of the dead (falling) leaves. presents the route of the 2013 edition. (Slideshow route/profile)

The organization of Il Lombardia long succeeded in withholding information on the 2013 route. As if building suspension. Will they be there, the steep climbs of Vallico di Valcava and Madonna del Ghisello, where traditionally church bells chime at the passing of the riders? And, of course, Muro di Sormano, would that monster be in this year’s race…?

At last it’s clear. Yes, edition 107 of Il Lombardia will contain the Muro di Sormano, the Ghisallo and, in the final, the climb to Villa Vergano!

The route

Just like last year riders start in Bergamo and finish in Lecco. After the ascent to Valcava (1336 meter), they head for the hills of Brianza. Colle Brianza is modest, just 533 meter above sea level. After Maglio, riders face the Muro di Sormano, that’s something else. Rumor has it, this one can be climbed in a little more than 7’30” – that is, a local cyclist, Capé, did it…

Muro di Sormano

The Muro was a common obstacle in numerous Italian races, but fell in disgrace – in the Tour of Lombardy as well. The main reason: in stead of seeing them suffer, tifosi preferred to push their hero’s up this horror of almost 2 kilometre, with a 17% average gradient and steepest parts of up to 27%. The muro was back in the 2012 edition, just like this year’s.

To the finish

After her appearance to cyclists, Pope Pius XII declared Madonna del Ghisallo to be the patron of all cyclists. With steepest parts of 14%, this col is not as insane as the Muro di Sormano, still it’s not a good idea to go downhill on your skateboard.

With only ten more kilometres to go, the climb to Villa Vergano is the next obstacle, with gradients of 7.4 (average) and 15 (maximum). It’s 3.2 kilometeres uphill to the summit, after which it’s all downhill to the finish in Lecco.

Il Lombardia never was a sprinter’s party in the first place. But a rider who definitely will not compete for today’s victory is Mark Cavendish. Cav is going to get married the day before the race.


Last time winner Joaquim Rodriguez is one of the main favorites. Undoubtedly, his countryman Alberto Contador will be a fierce competitor, just like Chris Froome, the second British Tour de France winner ever. Philippe Gilbert won the race in 2009 and 2010. He is not a specialist climber like Rodriguez, Froome or Contador, but if he survives the attacks he can rely on his sprint.

Tour of Lombardy images

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Timeschedule Tour of Lombardy 2013

Here you’ll find the time schedule for the Tour of Lombardy 2013, times are based on average speeds indicated. All times are CET times.

km. height description 36 km/h 38 km/h 41 km/h
0,0 255 m Start in Bergamo 10:50 10:50 10:50
81,6 1344 m Valico di Valcava 13:11 13:02 12:55
126,0 533 m Colle Brianza 14:20 14:08 13:57
159,9 1124 m Muro di Sormano 15:23 15:07 14:52
196,0 754 m Madonna del Ghisallo 16:24 16:04 15:46
232,6 522 m Villa Vergano 17:21 16:58 16:37
242,0 202 m Finish in Lecco 17:33 17:10 16:49

The climbs in the Tour of Lombardy 2013

Here you’ll find an overview of the hills in the Tour of Lombardy 2013

Name From start Avg. grade Max grade Length Height Vert. gain
Vallico di Valcava 81.6 km 4.2 % 8 % 11.8 km 1340 m 942 m
Muro di Sormano 159.9 km 17 % 27 % 1.92 km 1124 m 304 m
Madonna del Ghisallo 196.0 km 6.2 % 14 % 8.58 km 754 m 532 m
Villa Vergano 232.6 km 7.4 % 15 % 3.25 km 522 m 239 m

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