Tour of Flanders 2024: Van der Poel in a class of his own

Mathieu van der Poel rvv - Tour of Flanders 2024foto: Cor VosMathieu van der Poel goes alone on the slippery cobbles of the Koppenberg, with roughly 45 kilometres to go. The World Champion solos to victory - his third in Flanders in five years time - before Luca Mozzato bests Michael Matthews in the sprint for second place. The Australian is relegated and Nils Politt takes third place. (Slideshow route/profile)

Results 2024 Tour of Flanders

1. Mathieu van der Poel (nld)
2. Luca Mozzato (ita) + 1.02
3. Nils Politt (ger) s.t.
4. Mikkel Bjerg (den) s.t.
5. António Morgado (por) s.t.
6. Magnus Sheffield (usa) s.t.
7. Oliver Naesen (bel) s.t.
8. Dylan Teuns (bel) s.t.
9. Alberto Bettiol (ita) s.t.
10. Toms Skujins (lat) s.t.

Race report
Eight attackers ride with a small lead ahead of the bunch for tens of kilometres. Eventually, the peloton agrees and the lead of Bert Van Lerberghe, Luke Durbridge, David Dekker, Damien Touzé, Elmar Reinders, Lionel Taminiaux, Jelle Vermoote and Stanislaw Aniolkowski widens to more than 4 minutes.

The gap has fallen below 1 minute when Dylan van Baarle speeds up on the Marlboroughstraat. Tiesj Benoot, Nils Politt, Oliver Naesen, Ben Turner, Mads Pedersen, Gianni Vermeersch, Tim Merlier, Brent Van Moer and Laurenz Rex go with him. They gobble up the breakaway.

Mathieu van der Poel bridges across on the Valkenberg. Which inspires Pedersen to attack and Vermeersch follows the Dane like a shadow. Meanwhile, a regroupment takes place in the background.

Pedersen and Vermeersch retain a 30 seconds gap for tens of kilometres before they are caught in the second ascent of the Oude Kwaremont. Mathieu van der Poel reaches the summit in first position, with Oier Lazkano, Mads Pedersen, Tim Wellens, Laurance Pithie and Dylan Teuns in his wheel.

A new regroupment takes place ahead of the Paterberg and the group stays together in the climb. Then Iván Garciá sneaks away in the run-up to the Koppenberg. He is forced to clip out of his pedals in the climb and Van der Poel comes storming past. The World Champion reaches the summit in first position, 6 seconds ahead of Jorgenson. Pedersen is 30 seconds in arrears.

The World Champion widens his lead to 50 seconds at the Taaienberg. Alberto Bettiol, Dylan Teuns, Tim Wellens and Iván García rejoin Matteo Jorgenson after the summit, while Mads Pedersen and Laurenz Rex regain contact later.

Bettiol and Teuns leave their companions on the Hotond climb. They reach the summit almost 2 minutes behind the sole leader, while the gap remains stable in the subsequent climbs.

Mathieu van der Poel solos to his third victory in De Ronde, equalling the records of seven other riders, while Dylan Teuns and Alberto Bettiol are caught in the last 500 metres. Luca Mozzato outguns Michael Matthews in the sprint for second place. As Matthews is relegated for dangerous sprinting, Nils Politt takes third place.

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Mathieu van der Poel

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