Tour of Flanders 2015: The Route

Tour of Flanders 2015 RouteSunday, April 5, 2015 – The 99th edition of the Tour of Flanders is peppered with 19 Flemish hills, partly cobbled, and the race totals 264.2 kilometres. With Tiegemberg and Berendries added, the riders have two more short steep climbs to digest compared to 2014. The last 90 kilometres are an exact copy of last year’s, meaning a barrage of successive hills and plenty of ammunition for a thrilling finale!

Apart from six flat cobbled sectors in the second half of the race, the route features 19 climbs, sometimes covered in cobble-stones also. The organization does everything possible to ensure an exciting spectacle. Long, flat stretches are absent in the finale of Flanders’ Finest. Riders are shaken ‘n’ stirred on the cobblestones and on the multitude of short steep climbs that are poured out on the route like sprinkles on a sandwich.

Tiegemberg and Berendries
‘New’ in the 2015 Tour of Flanders are Tiegemberg and Berendries. The latter hill was in the route thirty times before. In the 2015 edition Berendries emerges after 171 kilometres, while the Tiegemberg is the first climb of the day with 87 kilometres.

Like Berendries, the Tiegemberg featured in the 2013 Tour of Flanders for the last time. It’s a 750 metres climb at 5.6%, with a steepest section at 9%. Nine days ago Tiegemberg was the closing climb in the E3 Harelbeke.

With 45 kilometres left, the finale is heralded at Koppenberg, and what follows is a barrage of nasty climbs – Steenbeekdries (at 39.2 kilometres), Taaienberg (at 36.7 kilometres), Kruisberg (at 26.5 kilometres), Oude Kwaremont (at 16.7 kilometres) and Paterberg with 13.2 kilometres left to race.

Double climbs
The Oude Kwaremont and Paterberg are in the route three and two times. With 112 kilometres done the Oude Kwaremont is actually the second climb of the day and the cobbled hill is in the route again after 210 kilometres and 248 kilometres. The length is 2.2 kilometres at an average gradient of 4.2% with a steepest section of 11%.

Paterberg is on the menu after 213 kilometres and with 251 kilometres done it’s the last climb of the day. At the top, riders face 13.2 flat kilometres to the finish-line, but to get to the top riders have to climb 48 height-metres at the ultra-short and ultra-steep cobbled hill – 380 metres at 13.7%, with a maximum grade of 20%!

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