Tour de Suisse 2019 Route stage 9: Ulrichen - Ulrichen

Tour de Suisse profile stage 9Sunday 23 June - The Tour de Suisses saves its Queen Stage for last. At 144.4 kilometres, the out-and-back race in Ulrichen takes in the Furka, Susten and Grimsel passes as intermediate climbs before a 14 kilometres drop back to the valley and a final run-in of 8 kilometres on the flat.

[The final stage of the Tour de Suisse has been changed due to the long winter. The Susten Pass is still closed, so the organisation had to come up with a new route. The Furka is the only pass that is still included, as the riders climb the Nufenen, Gotthard and Furka successively. The race will be 101.5 kilometres long and feature 3,063 vertical metres. We’ll update underneath article shortly.]

The total altitude gain in the 9th stage of the Tour de Suisse amounts to 4,020 metres, while there is barely a flat stretch for relief between the climbs. Following the start in the race hub of the last two days, Ulrichen, the riders tackle the Furka Pass. The 16.5 kilometres ascent slopes at 6.3%, while the famous Aston DB5-Ford Mustang car chase in James Bond’s Goldfinger was shot here. Peaking out at 2,429 metres, the Furka is the highest point on the 2019 Tour de Suisse.

The riders fly down a descent of more than 30 kilometres before tackling the Susten Pass, which is another long yet steady test. The climb from foot to top amounts to 17.4 kilometres and the average gradient sits at 7.5%. The maximum incline on the Susten is 9%.

Another long descent takes the riders to the foot of the last climb of the Tour de Suisse, which is the longest climb of the day. The Grimsel Pass adds up to 26 kilometres of uphill with an average gradient of 5.9%. The ascent takes in false flat sections and steepest ramps of up to 11%. A technical descent leads to familiar ground, as the last kilometres to Ulrichen are the same as the second half of the ITT on the eight day of action.

The first three riders on the line gain time bonuses of 10, 6 and 4 seconds, while two intermediate sprints (at kilometres 96 and 136.8) comes with 3, 2 and 1 seconds.

The 9th stage of the Tour de Suisse 2019 starts at 11.57 and the race is expected to finish around 16.20 (local times).

Tour de Suisse 2019 stage 9: route, profile, videos

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