Tour de France 2023 Route stage 1: Bilbao - Bilbao

Tour de France 2023Saturday 1 July - La Grande Boucle sets off with a hilly race in the Basque country. The 182 kilometres stage takes in five climbs, the last of which rises at 10% before dropping down to Bilbao. The last kilometre rises at 4.6% to the line.

Actually, the route takes in more than five climbs along the way, but only five are classified. Straight from the start it goes up and the first KOM summit of the 2023 Tour appears as early as kilometre 13.8. The Côte de Laukiz is 2.2 kilometres long and the average gradient sits at 6.9%.

The riders descend onto a flat section of 30 kilometres before the second ascent adds 4.4 kilometres at 5.2% to the mix. This one doesn’t count for the KOM competition though, but the next obstacle does. The Côte de San Juan de Gaztelungaxte – 3.5 kilometres at 7.6% – is crested with 114 kilometres to go.

A rolling section with an extended false flat and a subsequent descent to Gernika-Lungo ushers in the last hour of racing. With 41.1 kilometres remaining the riders crest the Col de Morga – 3.9 kilometres at 4.1% – and shortly after the descent the Côte de Vivero throws in 4.2 kilometres at 7.3%. The route doesn’t go down until a few kilometres later.

A flat section of approximately 10 kilometres leads to the foot of the ultimate test. The Côte de Pike is 2 kilometres long, averages 10%, and peaks out 10.4 kilometres before the line. The riders fly down to Bilbao before the route starts to rise again under the flamme rouge. The final kilometre goes up at 4.6%.

The first three riders on the line gain time bonuses of 10, 6 and 4 seconds.

Ride the route yourself? Download GPX stage 1 2023 Tour de France.

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Tour de France 2023 stage 1: routes, profiles, more

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