Tour de France 2014 Favourites stage 3: Fast men in London

It's supposed to be a huge celebration, the Olympic Champion Cavendish returning to London to show off his golden shoes. Alas, it was not to be in 2012, but Cav has a chance to make amends today and will have the crowd on his side as he bids to outsprint 'ze Germans'. (Slideshow route/profile)

Marcel Kittel took the first sprint and Cav is out after crashing on hiw own behalf. So only two top-favourites left: Kittel and Greipel.

But let’s not forget there are more than just two men in the mix for this stage. Winning in London in the Tour will be seen as very prestigious, even for the non-British riders. A whole host of teams will be looking to position their fast men.

Those with a lesser chance of success are Aussie sprinter Mark Renshaw, the mercurial Peter Sagan and France’s great sprinting hope and French champion, Arnaud Démare. Danny van Poppel is the youngest rider in the 2014 Tour, but fast nevertheless.


Marcel Kittel
André Greipel

Mark Renshaw
Peter Sagan
Arnaud Démare
Danny van Poppel

Tour de France 2014 stage 3: Images and more

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