Tour de l’Ain 2020: The Route

Tour de l'Ain 2020 routeThe Tour de l'Ain sets off on Friday 7 August to finish on Sunday the 9th. The first day offers a hilly route, while the other two stages are mountainous. The finish stage is an appetizer for the Tour de France with a finale on the Grand Colombier.

The 1st stage of the Tour de l’Ain serves 1,789 metres of climbing, although most of the elevation gain is centered in the first half of the 140 kilometres route.

The race continues with a 141 kilometres stage including four intermediate climbs and an uphill finish in ski station Lélex Monts-Jura. Stage 2 offers 3,159 metres of climbing.

The grande finale serves a first taste of the upcoming Tour de France. Stage 3 takes in the Montée de la Selle de Fromentel – 11 kilometres at 8.5% – and the Col de la Biche – 6.4 kilometres at 8.9% – before finishing at the Grand Colombier. The finish is 17.4 kilometres long and the average gradient sits at 7.1%.

Three quarters of the final stage travels on the same roads as the Tour de France will on Sunday 13 September.

Tour de l’Ain 2020: routes, profiles

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Tour de l'Ain 2020

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