Tour de l’Ain 2020 Route stage 2: Lagnieu - Lélex Monts-Jura

Tour de l'Ain 2020 stage 2Saturday 8 August - The 2nd stage of the Tour de l'Ain is a 140.1 kilometres race with an elevation gain of 3,159 metres. After four intermediate climbs the finish ascent leads to ski station Lélex Monts-Jura.

Following a fat opener the Col de Montgriffon after 28 kilometres. The climb is 12.5 kilometres long and the average gradient sits at 4.1%, while there is no such thing as a descent at the top. The road continues to climb gradually in undulating style until the Col de Cuvillat appears after roughlt 50 kilometres. This is a short test: 3.4 kilometres at 7.4%.

A short and steep downhill runs onto a non-classified ascent and a false flat of around 10 kilometres. The riders are halfway when it is time for the first proper descent.

The Côte de Giron begins in Saint-Germain-de-Joux. It is a 7.6 kilometres climb with an average gradient of 6.2%. After 1 kilometre of plateau at the top and a short kick-up the riders fly downhill into the valley.

Still 30 kilometres at the foot of the Col de Menthières. The first 9.1 kilometres climb at 6.3% before the descent of the Menthières takes the riders to Chézery-Forens, which is where the last ascent commences. The climb to Lélex is 12 kilometres and in terms of gradients it is nothing special, as it mostly hovers around 3%.

The 2016 Tour de l’Ain finished in Lélex Monts-Jura with Sam Oomen outsprinting Pierre Latour, Bart Declercq, Guillaume Martin and David Gaudu on the line.

The 2nd stage of the Tour de l’Ain starts at 12.15 and the race is expected to finish around 16.00 – both are local times.

Tour de l’Ain 2020 stage 2: route, profile

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Tour de l'Ain 2020

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