Route d’Occitanie 2020: Cosnefroy wins final stage, Bernal takes GC

The final race in the Route d'Occitanie travels on lumpy terrain to a punchy finale in Rocamadour. Attacker Fausto Masnada is brought back in the finale before Benoît Cosnefroy jumps to victory. Egan Bernal seals the overall victory by finishing fourth. (Slideshow route/profile)

Results 4th stage Route d’Occitanie

1. Benoît Cosnefroy (fra)
2. Bauke Mollema (nld) + 0.02
3. Thibaut Pinot (fra) s.t.
4. Egan Bernal (col) s.t.
5. Aleksandr Vlasov (rus) s.t.
6. Alexis Vuillermoz (fra) + 0.07
7. Pavel Sivakov (rus) s.t.
8. Richie Porte (aus) s.t.
9. Rafael Valls (spa) + 0.10
10. Warren Barguil (fra) s.t.

GC after stage 4
1. Egan Bernal (col)
2. Pavel Sivakov (rus) + 0.19
3. Aleksandr Vlasov (rus) + 0.23
4. Thibaut Pinot (fra) + 0.37
5. Bauke Mollema (nld) + 1.09
6. Richie Porte (aus) + 1.26
7. Warren Barguil (fra) + 1.27
8. Romian Bardet (fra) + 1.53
9. Rafael Valls (spa) + 1.57
10. Sébastien Reichenbach (swi) + 2.00

Race report
A lot of movement in the opening phase of the race, but the peloton controls the attacks. Then, after roughly 25 kilometres, a group of eleven riders breaks free. Fausto Masnada, Georg Zimmermann, Julien Trarieux, Nick van der Lijke, Filippo Zana, Maxime Cam, Christophe Laporte, Antoine Duchesne, Alan Riou, Anthony Turgis and Matteo Malucelli open up a gap of 3 minutes.

Masnada and Zana head out together with 32 kilometres remaining. The Italians works together well before Masnada tries to finish it off alone by going solo inside the last 10 kilometres.

Masnada’s attacks does not last as long as he wished, while a duo-attack by Superman López and Fraile also turns sour. Cosnefroy on the other hand ties his effort to perfection and wins the race 2 seconds ahead of Mollema and Pinot. Bernal comes home in fourth place and seals this first GC triumph of 2020.

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Route d’Occitanie 2020 stage 4: routes, profiles

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Route d'Occitanie 2020Benoît Cosnefroy

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