Renewi Tour 2023: Philipsen sprints to first leader’s jersey

Jasper Philipsen rt - Renewi Tour 2023: Philipsen sprints to first leader's jerseyimage: Cor VosThe 1st stage of the Renewi Tour boils down to a bunch sprint. Jasper Philipsen takes the spoils ahead of Tim Merlier and Olav Kooij. Obviously, Philipsen is the first GC leader. (Slideshow route/profile)

Results 1st stage 2023 Renewi Tour

1. Jasper Philipsen (bel)
2. Tim Merlier (bel) s.t.
3. Olav Kooij (nld) s.t.
4. Arnaud De Lie (bel) s.t.
5. Dylan Groenewegen (nld) s.t.
6. Matteo Trentin (ita) s.t.
7. Laurence Pithie (nzl) s.t.
8. Arne Marit (bel) s.t.
9. Elia Viviani (ita) s.t.
10. Clément Russo (fra) s.t.

GC after stage 1
1. Jasper Philipsen (bel)
2. Alessandro Covi (ita) + 0.02
3. Tim Merlier (bel) + 0.05
4. Jonas Rutch (ger) + 0.05
5. Ceriel Desal (bel) s.t.
6. Olav Kooij (nld) + 0.06
7. Arnaud De Lie (bel) + 0.10
8. Dylan Groenewegen (nld) s.t.
9. Matteo Trentin (ita) s.t.
10. Laurence Pithie (nzl) s.t.

Race report
Ludovic Robeet is the first attacker before Alessandro Covi, Jonas Rutsch, Ceriel Desal and Aaron Van Poucke make it five at the front. The attackers open up a 3 minutes lead.

Van Poucke and Robeet are no longer on board in the Green Kilometres, where Covi gains a time bonuses of 8 seconds. Moments later the break is history.

more to come

Another interesting read: route 1st stage 2023 Renewi Tour.

Renewi Tour 2023, stage 1: route & profile

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