Giro 2015 Route stage 9: Benevento – San Giorgio Del Sannio

Giro 2015 stage 9Sunday, May 17, 2015 - In 224 kilometres the pack cruises through the province of Benevento to San Georgio Del Sanno. The stage is peppered with lots of climbs in all kinds of gradation, making the race an adventurer’s dream. The last summit is crested with 12 kilometres left and the arrival is a false flat upwards.

The stage-opening is filled with minor hurdles and it’s after 95.5 kilometres Monte Terminio is crested, at 1,240 metres the first real summit. The ascent is a little under 20 kilometres at an average grade of 4.2% with a steepest section at 9%, reached after 12.7 kilometres on the slopes.

Next comes Colle Molella (1,087 metres), the climb played a crucial role in Pozzovivo’s win in stage 8 of the 2012 Giro. In 9.6 kilometres riders go up an average grade of 6.2%, peaking at 12%. Just like in 2012 they continue to Lago Laceno and after this the road rises again to reach the highest point of today’s route at Serro Tondo (1,243 metres).

A descent of 15 kilometres takes the riders back in the valley and on rolling terrain they cruise to the foot of the Passo Serra. In 5.4 kilometres 330 vertical metres are gained, representing an average grade of 5.4%. The steepest section up Passo Serra is 12%.

Upon cresting it’s 12 kilometres left to the finish line, mainly downhill, but the deep finale is lightly going up again.

The race is on – click here to read about it from start to finish.

Giro 2015 stage 9: Route maps, height profile, and more

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