Giro 2014: Mountains in stage 14: To Oropa

Giro 2014: Profile of stage 14: to OropaStage 14 in the 2014 Giro finishes in Oropa at an altitude of 1,142 metres. Ten years after Pantani’s historic victory, all Italians hope and pray that a fellow countryman crosses the finish line first. (Slideshow route/profile)

After 30 kilometres the riders will be atop of the first climb of the day: La Serra. At 584 metres, it is merely an aperitif to what follows.

Alpe Noveis

Alpe Noveis is a monster of a climb. After 83.7 kilometers in the saddle the ascent starts, a 9 kilometer climb to 1,099 metres. It’s a tough and irregular climb. The average gradient is 8%, but that doesn’t tell the whole story as the col is made up of 3 totally different sections. The first 3 kilometres have an average gradient of just 4.5%, the middle section of 4.5 kilometres is a difficult 11.4% with the final piece easing off to 3.9%. Maximum gradients come in the middle section and are as steep as 16%.


At the bottom of the 9 kilometre Alpe Noveis descent, the next climb looms. The Bielmonte ascent is less steep than its neighbour, but it’s 10 kilometres longer – and by no means regular. 5.6 kilometres into the climb, riders face a 5 kilometre section of 8.3% with max gradients of 13%. This is the most difficult part of the Bielmonte. The remainder contains a small descent prior to the closing section to the top.

Santuario di Oropa

Following a 30 kilometre descent, it’s time for the Santuario di Oropa. Again an irregular climb, perfectly suited for a Quintana, and, back in the day, a Pantani. The 5 opening kilometres are fairly basic, but then the gradient doubles and peaks at 13%. The closing 4 kilometres zigzag to the summit at 1,142 metres. The average gradient on this section is 7.6%.

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