Dwars door Vlaanderen 2018: The Route

Dwars door Vlaanderen 2018Wednesday, 28 March 2018 - At 181 kilometres, Dwars door Vlaanderen is not as tough as earlier editions, yet the race offers a familiar mix of cobbles and 'hellingen'. The last climb is crested with 10 kilometres remaining, while the last cobbles are gobbled up with 6.7 kilometres to go.

Dwars door Vlaanderen takes in twelve hills and three stretches of pavé. The route is not as tough as prior editions, because the one-day race now features in the Tour of Flanders build-up. The organisers have been successful in bringing it together with their main showpiece, yet they don’t want to care off the big guns with a too demanding route.

Dwars door Vlaanderen starts in Roeselare and 83 kilometres into the race the first ‘helling’ takes the shape of the Kluisberg. From that moment on it’s every 10 kilometres or so before another hill appears. Via Knokteberg and second ascents of both Kluisberg and Knokteberg the route continues to Kortekeer, Steenbeekdries, Taaienberg and Kruisberg. Following a third climb up Knokteberg it’s about time for the finale. Meanwhile, the riders have had their first taste of cobbles at Mariaborrestraat, right before Steekbeekdries.

The finale is spiced up by two stretches of pavé and three ‘hellingen’. After the cobbles of the Varentstraat (809 metres) the race continues to the Vossenhol (800 metres at 6.5%) and Holstraat (1 kilometre at 5.2%). The last climb is the cobbled Nokereberg: 500 metres at 5.7% and crested with around 9 kilometres to go.

The 800 metres stretch of pavé of the Herlegemstraat is the final hurdle. Only 5.9 kilometres left to race before we know who wins Dwars door Vlaanderen 2018.

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Dwars door Vlaanderen 2018: Route, profile maps and more

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