World Cycling Championships 2019 Yorkshire: Route - TTT Mixed Relay

World Championships Yorkshire 2019Sunday 22 September - The World Cycling Championships in Yorkshire kick off with a first. National teams of three men and three women battle it out in the Time Trial Mixed Relay. Both the men and women race the 14 kilometres Harrogate-circuit once.

The male riders set off first, while the women take off as soon as the second male rider crosses the line. Timings are taken when the second female rider comes home.

Both men and women will get a first taste of the circuit that plays a crucial role in their respective road races. It is a testing lap with three short climbs and a number of false flat sections. The first uphill is on Otley Road, which climbs in 1.6 kilometres at 3.4%. The road continues on a long straight before a right-hander leads onto Pot Bank. The route drops down to cross the Oak Beck stream to climb out of the valley on the other side.

This scenario repeats itself on Penny Pot Lane. The riders descend to the Oak Beck stream to return to climbing. Quite steep at first, the teams clamber out of the small valley. Still 5 kilometres to the line. The last 600 metres run false flat uphill.

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World Cycling Championships 2019 Yorkshire: route, profiles, and more

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World Championships 2019 – Mixed Relay

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