Vuelta 2022: Carapaz wins at Peñas Blancas, Evenepoel still in La Roja

Richard Carapaz - Vuelta 2022: Carapaz wins at Peñas Blancas, Kelderman tweedefoto: Cor VosRichard Carapaz attacks from the breakaway in the last 2 kilometres of the Peñas Blancas. The Olympic Champion solos to victory. Remco Evenepoel stays in control of the GC group and keeps the red jersey. (Slideshow route/profile)

Results 12th stage 2022 Vuelta

1. Richard Carapaz
2. Wilco Kelderman + 0.09
3. Marc Soler + 0.24
4. Jan Polanc + 0.26
5. Marco Brenner + 0.34
6. Élie Gesbert + 0.56
7. Jay Vine + 1.12
8. Carl Fredrik Hagen + 1.23
9. James Shaw + 3.04
10. Matteo Fabbro + 3.17

15. Remco Evenepoel (bel) + 7.39
16. Enric Mas (spa) s.t.
17. Primoz Roglic (slo) s.t.
18. Juan Ayuso (spa) s.t.
19. Miguel Ángel Lopez (col) s.t.
21. Carlos Rodriguez (spa) + 7.50
22. Tao Geoghegan Hart (spa) + 8.07
23. João Almeida (por) + 8.12

GC after stage 12

1. Remco Evenepoel (bel)
2. Primoz Roglic (slo) + 2.41
3. Enric Mas (spa) + 3.03
4. Carlos Rodriguez (spa) + 4.06
5. Juan Ayuso (spa) + 4.53
6. Wilco Kelderman (nld) + 6.28
7. Miguel Ángel López (col) + 6.56
8. João Almeida (por) + 7.18
9. Jan Polanc (slo) + 8.00
10. Tao Geoghegan Hart (gbr) + 8.05

Race report
A lot of movement from the start and it takes almost 40 kilometres for the breakaway to establish itself. Richard Carapaz, Wilco Kelderman, Jay Vine, Alexey Lutsenko and Marc Soler are the big names on board of the right move. A group of 32 riders carves out a lead of 12 minutes.

Entire lead group: Teunissen, Champoussin, Battistella, Lutsenko, Zambanini, Fabbro, Kelderman, Caicedo, Shaw, Carapaz, Bakelants, Bevin, Goldstein, Hagen, Oliveira, Rojas, Vervaeke, Craddock, Brenner, Hvideberg, Tiberi, Soler, Oliveira, Polanc, Taminiaux, Vermeersch, Vine, Diaz Gallego, Canal, Iturria, Gesbert, and Owsian.

The gap falls below 9 minutes on the finish climb. Fabbro, Kelderman, Vine, Gesbert, Carapaz, Brenner, Soler, Polanc, Hagen and Champoussin are the remaining attackers at the front when Gesbert attacks. Kelderman closes the gap before Polanc strikes.

Gesbert goes again with 3.7 kilometres to go. Kelderman, Carapaz, Brenner and Polanc track him down. Meanwhile, Mas strikes on the lower slopes. The other GC riders regain contact.

Carapaz accelerates with 2 kilometres to go and he powers to triumph. Kelderman finishes in second, Soler in third.

Evenepoel sets the pace in the GC group for the rest of the climb and he stays in La Roja.

Another interesting read: route 12th stage 2022 Vuelta.

Vuelta 2022 stage 12: routes, profiles, more

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Richard Carapaz

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