Vuelta 2015 stage 7: Lindeman wins mountain stage, Aru best GC contender

Vuelta 2015The first mountain stage is 191 kilometres with a top-finish in the Alpujarras after a 20 kilometres closing climb. Bert-Jan Lindeman is in the break once again and this time he grabs the stage. Aru attacks and puts time into his opponents, but Chaves retains the overall lead. (Slideshow route/profile)

Results 7th stage Vuelta

1. Bert-Jan Lindeman (nld)
2. Ilia Koshevoy (Blr) + 0.09
3. Fabio Aru (ita) + 0.29
4. Jérôme Cousin (fra) + 0.34
5. Rafal Majka (pol) + 0.36
6. Esteban Chaves (col) s.t.
7. Alejandro Valverde (spa) s.t.
8. Nairo Quintana (col) s.t.
9. Louis Meintjes (rsa) s.t.
10. Nicolas Roche (irl) s.t.
11. Daniel Martin (irl) s.t.
12. Joaquim Rodriguez (spa) s.t
13. Domenico Pozzovivo (ita) s.t.
14. Tom Dumoulin (nld) s.t.

17. Chris Froome (gbr) + 1.03
28. Tejay van Garderen (usa) + 1.25

GC after stage 7
1. Esteban Chaves (col)
2. Tom Dumoulin (nld) + 0.10
3. Daniel Martin (irl) + 0.33
4. Nicolas Roche (irl) + 0.36
5. Alejandro Valverde (spa) + 0.49
6. Joaquim Rodriguez (spa) + 0.56
7. Nairo Quintana (col) + 0.57
8. Fabio Aru (ita) s.t.
9. Daniel Moreno (spa) + 1.18
10. Domenico Pozzovivo (ita) + 1.19

11. Mikel Nieve (spa) + 1.21
12. Chris Froome (gbr) + 1.22
13. Rafal Majka (pol) + 1.29
14. Mikel Landa (spa) + 1.39
16. Tejay van Garderen (usa) + 2.05

Race report
It takes a while before the break of the day takes shape, but when Bert-Jan Lindeman, Carlos Quintero, Amets Txurruka, Ilia Koshevoy and Antoine Cousin find each other after 12 km’s of racing their lead balloons in no time. Atop the first mountain of the day, Puerto de las Blancares, the five enjoy a 12’07” advantage. Amets Txurruka is first to crest, with Lindemna second. After stage 2 and stage 4, the Dutchman is in the break for the third time this Vuelta

The escapees’ gain keep growing and when it is over 13 minutes with 60 km’s left, the pack starts coming closer for the first time today. Around 6 minutes left when hitting the lower flanks of the 20 km’s closing climb.

With 7 km’s left the gap is down to 3 minutes. A little later Cousin attacks and Quintero is dropped. Koshevoy goes solo under the flag of 5 km’s, but he is accompanied again by Cousin after a 1.5 km one-man-show. Lindeman also pops up Hesjedal-style.

With 500 metres left Lindeman and Koshevoy are together upfront, because Cousin was hit by a car. The Dutchman leaves the Belarus alone to power to the win.

Froome is dropped when Aru attacks in the pack with around 3 km’s to go. The young Italian puts 0’07” most of his GC-opponents and 0’34” into Froome.

Vuelta 2015 stage 7: Route maps, height profile, and more

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Bert-Jan Lindeman

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