Tour de France 2018 Route stage 20: Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle - Espelette

Tour de France 2018 stage 20Saturday, 28 July 2018 - The 20th stage of the Tour de France is a hilly individual time trial. The riders roll down the start ramp in Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle for 31 kilometres of action to Espelette. After the team time trial of the 3rd stage, this is the only individual time trial in the 2018 Tour.

As was the case in 2017, the penultimate day of the Tour brings the decision on the overall win with an individual time trial. But the course is much tougher than the 2017 stage in Marseille. It is not only longer, while taking in four climbs it is also a lot hillier.

The riders roll down the ramp and climb the first 4 kilometres at 3.2% with the 800 metres from kilometre 0.3 until 1.5 steepest at 6.1%. Following a rolling section and a drop a punchy climb appears straight after at kilometre 11 when the road goes up at 6% for 900 metres. In the next 5 kilometres the road runs on a rolling false flat to the next downhill section, which leads to a 3 kilometres climb at 3.1%.

Following another rolling descent the riders tackle the toughest climb at kilometre 27. The 900 metres Côte de Pinodieta is averaging 10.2% with a steepest ramp at 21%. The top is 3 kilometres from the finish in Espelette, which is almost all on descent, although the dying metres of the race are uphill.

The 31 kilometres length of the test means that the Tour de France features even less individual time trialling than last year, again beating the record for the lowest number of individual time trial kilometres in the race’s history.

Tour de France 2018 stage 20: Route maps, height profiles, and more

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